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What is RFPSource?

RFPSource is an electronic doorway to the global e-marketplace that matches products and services with thousands of business opportunities posted by domestic and foreign corporations and governments. Through an international tender feeding system, small and medium sized companies can source bids, post opportunities and pursue strategic partnerships, all within a secure online environment.

Helping Canada become a worldleader in e-commerce, RFPSource offers foreign firms a comprehensive and up-to-date Canadian capabilities database, facilitating the pursuit of strategic partnerships with Canadian companies. RFPSource has become an instrumental tool in providing support for the global engagement of Canadian business.

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date Canadian business capabilities database
  • International tender/bid matching system
  • Multiple international and domestic business opportunity feeds
  • A Virtual Tradeshow (VTS) marketing tool
  • Creation of an open global trading community, which will enable all suppliers, particularly SME's, to interact electronically with any buyer, irrespective of where they are physically located.
  • Substantial reduction of the administrative costs of purchasing tenders.
  • Reduced private sector costs in dealing with Government.
  • More effective use of the Internet for sourcing supplies.
  • Establishment of a connected international trading community.
  • Promotion of Canadian e-commerce and making Canadian local businesses more competitive in the global marketplace.

Please submit all comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this site to info@rfpsource.ca

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